Merrill Pond, Executive Director

Merrill was born in Glasgow, Scotland and although all of her extended family still lives in the U.K., she has lived most of her life in the United States. Merrill attended high school in Milford, CT at Lauralton Hall and then college at St. John's College in Annapolis, Maryland. She attended graduate school at the University of Connecticut Law School and Indiana University, studying law, philosophy and environmental policy. In addition to being the Executive Director of BCHF, Merrill is Senior Vice President of the Research & Policy department at the Partnership for New York City.

Merrill has lived in Brooklyn for the past 15 years and has been involved with BCHF since its inception. One of most rewarding things about Merrill's involvement in BCHF is that she feels a real attachment to the Brooklyn community and has made many important connections (and friends!) through BCHF. In addition, over the past few years, Merrill has taken real pride in being able to help other organizations just starting out, passing on information and lessons learned. She currently lives in Gowanus with her boyfriend Jonathan,their very friendly dog, Serendipity and their cat, Loki.

Jennifer Connors, Special Events Director

Jennifer Connors was born and raised in New England and moved to Brooklyn in 2001. Jennifer is very proud to have been a part of the BCHF since the beginning. The holidays have always been a favorite time for her and she has many fond memories of a decorated Christmas tree, and family,fun and love (and presents!!).

The BCHF has provided such a unique opportunity to make a difference for some amazing families in Brooklyn. She is constantly reminded reminded of how just a little joy can provide hope to these families who it may seem have so little to celebrate. She is committed that each year this organization will be able to do more and more for the communities that she cares so much about.

Suzie Sheridan, Communications Director

Prideful of being a true Brooklynite, Suzie couldn’t imagine calling any other place home. Extremely loyal to her parents, younger brother, and band of merry friends, no favor is too big to ask of her.

Suzie loves to cook and is always trying to improve with the help of her mom and the Food Network. Suzie is a firm believer that nothing beats the simplicity of a fabulous homemade cupcake.  However, she would never turn chicken feet while out for dim sum either.

Suzie’s father fostered in her a steadfast passion for reading. She enjoys reading as much as possible on the subway and has no idea how people who drive to work find time to read a good book.

Once upon a time Suzie planned on being a marine biologist. A love hate relationship with sharks steered her in another direction (she hates that they would love to eat her). Achieving her Masters in Visual Arts at Brooklyn College made her a huge supporter of local artists and musicians.  They are her friends after all! Being a humble yet talented artist herself, it is not unusual to find some of her very own artwork in cafes on the Lower East Side or at galleries in Red Hook.

BCHF Family

BCHF wants to thank these former board members whose hard work in the past helped us grow.

Emma Harrison
Kate Hutchinson
Laura Metzger Lynch
Karen Matychak
Jennifer Hutchinson Morris
Stacey Douglass Moverly
Michael Thiel